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Pinole, CA  94564
Jake Ralston, CCHT

Inspired to help my father overcome PTSD and depression, in 2009 I began deep study in Neuro Linguistic Programing aka NLP. As I became familiar with the basics of NLP I practiced with my father and we had incredible results nearly eliminating nightmares and creating regular sleep patterns. This early success lit a spark in me to really learn and understand NLP and how to use it. Upon earning my NLP Master Practitioner Certification in 2010, I decided to continue my education and I returned to NLP class to reinforce what I learned. Countless weekends I went back to class, so much so that I became the primary instructor in 2014.


I have worked with Jake regularly over the last few years. Using hypnosis, he has helped me resolve emotional issues, transform limiting beliefs and fears, improve my performance at work, and heal quickly from physical injury. I love working with Jake for many reasons. To begin with, he is friendly, approachable, and empathetic, so I always feel safe discussing things with Jake without feeling judged. I have also achieved results well beyond my expectations in working with Jake, so he is clearly a highly skilled expert as well. His voice is very soothing, which helps me relax and go into a deep state of inner calm, where I can find my own unconscious resources and move forward in the way that is best for me.
Since I started working with Jake, I have seen results and improvement in several areas of my life, both personal and professional. I am now more confident in myself, since hypnotherapy is a process of tapping into my own perspective to find better strategies and solutions. I have become more productive, both at work and at home, and have accomplished several goals that eluded me for years, because I finally found the reasons to stop procrastinating and get on with them.
If you've ever considered using hypnotherapy, pick up the phone and call Jake right now. You'll be so glad you did, and I'm sure you'll love seeing how easy it is to change things for the better for yourself.
— Evelyn Freitas