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The Gertonson Institute
828 San Pablo Avenue Suite 104
Albany, CA  94706
Lori-Ann Gertonson, DC

Dr. Lori-Ann Gertonson is a practicing wholistic chiropractor and the founder of The Gertonson Institute: A Creating Wellness Center. She is the developer of the Quantum Alignment Process a consciousness-based healing system rooted in neuroscience quantum physics and spirituality. She is also author of the book Creative Self-Health: A Consciousness-Based Approach.

In addition to being a doctor of chiropractic, she holds certifications in various areas of health and energy healing. For over 35 years she has helped individuals to heal and release physical pain anxiety and overwhelm in their lives. Using traditional chiropractic and BioEnergetic techniques she helps people to create happiness in their daily life and to navigate life transitions with ease while connecting to a deeper sense of self and higher purpose.

She Is passionate about bringing a new perspective to healthcare by providing the knowledge and tools for people to take charge of their own health and healing. It is her goal to help people create a healthy happy life feeling "alive" all the years of their life.


I have been taken care of by Dr.Lori for over 30 years. I enjoy great health and a bright outlook on life in part because of her amazing care. I have many biomechanical challenges. During all of these challenges, Dr. Lori has been there for me. She guided me through rehab from knee surgery relieved the Morton’s neuroma completely so I did not need surgery. Her treatments continue to keep me aligned and function at the peak of my potential. I also appreciate her input on health and wellness issues including maintaining my body’s natural ability to heal itself and stay healthy. I look forward to every visit! For many years Dr. Lori has been my first line of defense whenever my body needs help in healing. Her continued interest in the most cutting-edge developments in chiropractic health and healing has gone a long way in keeping me active and able to enjoy all things I love to do.
— W.G.
I first started having back pain when I was 8 years old. Over the years I have been to many good chiropractors and they have helped a lot. But Dr. Gertonson has given me a whole new back. She has made an enormous difference in how I stand how I feel. I wake up in the morning without pain. I feel free to move and stretch without fear. Since I started seeing her I regained an inch of height. I know I will never have to become an old bent-over person. Being in her care is an ongoing miracle of loving competent treatment. Hurrah!
— S.L.
Dr. Lori-Ann's Chiropractic skill and her breadth of knowledge of the body helped me to get back on the field to play ultimate again injury-free.
— L. McKendell