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Ben Bernstein, Ph.D.

Dr. B is a senior psychologist and educator specializing in top performance. Known as the “Stress Doctor,” he is the author of four books on how stress affects performance: Test Success (2009), A Teen’s Guide to Success (2014); Stressed Out! for Parents (2015); and Crush Your Test Anxiety (2018), His monthly blog posts on the Psychology Today website regularly receive thousands of hits.

‘Dr. B’ is a performance coach for Academy Award, Tony Award, and Pulitzer Prize winners. His client list includes CEO’s, business owners, dentists, athletes, attorneys, physicians, parents, opera singers and actors. He lectures worldwide, live and online, to audiences of teachers, business executives, professors, parents, and healthcare professionals as well as at conventions, corporations, universities, colleges, schools and hospitals.

An educator for the last fifty years, Bernstein has taught at every level of the educational system. Originally trained in London, in the progressive British infant schools in the late ’60s, he has received major grants from the American and Canadian governments for his work.

In addition to his private practice, Bernstein has coached his three younger siblings in their successful artistic careers: sister Didi Conn, Frenchy in Grease; brother Andrew, the senior photographer for the NBA; and youngest brother Richard, in leading roles at the Metropolitan Opera. Bernstein’s wife, Suk Wah, is a novelist. The couple divide their time between the San Francisco Bay Area and Tamil Nadu in south India.

Dr. B can be reached via his website:, or his ongoing blog on the Psychology Today website,


Dr. B offers a unique perspective on how BNI members can use their talents and passion to help each other in ways they haven't thought of. Members find his ideas are eye opening and inspiring.
— Ed Craine, Executive Director, BNI, San Francisco, San Mateo, and Santa Cruz
Our sales team has been stressed! With COVID, the downturn in sales, politics and fires. this has been a rough couple of years. Dr. B was a wonderful gift for our team. Dr. B is smart, funny, professional and has many great tools to share. The team members were delighted. I received many enthusiastic responses, thanking me for sharing Dr. B. If you are concerned about your workforce and are looking for a way to share a positive message as well as very constructive tools, I strongly recommend Dr. B’s stress reducing webinar.
— Trish Mitchell, Stylist and Team Leader, J. Hilburn
Dr. B has been providing BNI workshops in the fast-paced Silicon Valley where we are ultra careful with how we invest our time. His speciality is working with high achievers that are eager to improve their performance. I highly recommend him.
— Dianne Passen, CEO, HB Media